The monthly newsletter from our Church will be posted here for your convince.  Please click on the title to read the dated issue of 'The CONNECTION.' To open and view any file ending with.docx, you will need to be running WINDOWS WORD on your computer. If you open it with another application, you may not be able to see original formatting.  

March Newsletter.pdf March Newsletter.pdf
Size : 273.175 Kb
Type : pdf
February Newsletter.docx February Newsletter.docx
Size : 137.067 Kb
Type : docx
Our Advent Season In Review 2015.pdf Our Advent Season In Review 2015.pdf
Size : 464.399 Kb
Type : pdf
December 2015 Connection.pdf December 2015 Connection.pdf
Size : 785.928 Kb
Type : pdf
November 2015 The Connection.pdf November 2015 The Connection.pdf
Size : 1138.912 Kb
Type : pdf
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