In 1910, a handful of Methodist community leaders constructed a church building in Delta of such majesty and beauty that it served as a symbol of the presence of God in Delta for many years. 

In November, 1993 that building burned. The congregation grasped the vision of those who constructed the building, two years later the building was restored. Today the same elegant building in which the congregation worships continues to be a symbol of God’s presence.  

This picture is of the original cross that started to melt from the heat of the fire.  It currently is located above the center of the alter for all to see and remember.  

What do the letters IHS stand for? 

IHS are the first three letters of the name "Jesus" in Greek. It is sometimes written IHC and may include a bar over the H to indicate an abbreviation.  IHS is often used as a monogram on worship furnishings. 

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